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Share Your Key Maps

Before posting on GitHub Discussions, please make sure you adhere to these guidelines.


Don't forget that by using the comment system on this website that you are still using another service, and should adhere to it's guidelines as well.

General Rules

Rule #1

Be polite and respectful. People who work on this app are volunteering their time. 🙂

Rule #2

You should read the FAQ and known issues before asking questions, requesting features or reporting bugs. Bear in mind that this may update frequently. Messages repeating what is in the FAQ wastes everyone's time, so please don't do it.

Rule #3

No overly political discussion or NSFW discussion or imagery is permitted in any of our discussions. If discovered by a moderator you may be permanently banned.

Rule #4

This is an English-only discussion group. We remove messages in other languages simply because we don't have the time to translate or moderate messages in other languages.

1. Sign into Giscus

Giscus is a free and open source GitHub Discussions interpreter for integrating GitHub Discussions into a website.

Scroll to the bottom of the current page, and click the button that says "Sign in with GitHub." You can either sign in to GitHub or create an account from the newly opened GitHub window. You will be asked to sign into GitHub so you can use Giscus. After being logged in, you are free to use the Discussions.

2. Share your key maps

Post your key maps in a new comment at the bottom of this page. React to other's key maps with the upvote button.

The main intent behind Key Mapper Discussions is to provide users an easy way to share their key maps without them getting lost in the Discord chat, or any other subtle inconvenience.


Please write in your comment what your key map does. E.g if your key map opens the home screen when you press your volume buttons please put "open home screen with the volume down button".